Johnnie Casson

If your down in the mouth for any reason, this is the ideal tonic. Johnnie takes on the trials and tribulations of everday life with inimitable Yorkshire style and humour.

This is a lot more subtle and Johnnie’s feigned innocence and naivete make it all the more funny. Nothing is sacred but there’s none of the harsh offence of Chubby Brown.

Take a look at his website to see all the TV progammes Johnnie has appeared on and all the comedians who rate Johnnie as a comedy legend.
“One of the funniest comedians ever to appear on the show.”

Des O’Connor

“Johnnie Casson-My Idol!”

Peter Kay

“A master joke-teller, his material takes everyday situations and makes them funny. He is a tonic – he really does cheer people up. What a gift that is. He should given as treatment on the NHS.”

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