What We do

With over 50 years combined experience both on and off stage we have grown into one of the North Wests longest established agencies.
We have entertainment for all tastes and budgets.

Benefits Of Booking With Us

1. Gives you peace of mind.
In looking for the right acts for your venue you may have to visit other venues, search online, watch videos, find contact information, and that means putting in the hours and is no menial task.
A&B entertainment can provide you with appropriate options for your venue within a few days, and as our reputation is at stake we never work with unreliable performers. We take care of everything, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

2. One point of contact.
Working with us you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will only have one port of call for all your acts. No saving all the different phone numbers and business cards, no trying to get hold of them to check they will arrive, no having to call each one every week to confirm the booking. Let us take care of all that for you. Remember performers are always on the move and not always contactable.

3. Continuity.
Repeat customers are your ultimate goal, so keeping up the continuity of good entertainment is a priority and this can be a huge undertaking. When working with A&B you gain a partner, someone in the background you can trust to make sure that the standard of entertainment you received meets your customers expectations. Your success is our success!

4. We organise contracts and promotion.
 At A&B entertainment we produce contracts for all our acts, including full address of venue, arrival times, playing times, dress code, agreed price and any other information needed. We contact our acts at the beginning of the week to confirm bookings. Also you may not want to deal with money on the night, so we can set up a system where the act is paid via the office within 28 days, taking care of all the invoicing for you.
We also design posters for you to use for advertising purposes, either as posters or social media posts.

5. Let down service
There may be times when an act has to cancel through no fault of their own, and yes this can often happen even when using an agency. The difference is we have a large database of acts of a similar style, standard and price that we can call upon last minute to replace the act, giving you complete peace of mind. We keep a last minute availability list for such occasions.

6. What you see isn’t always what you get.
An entertainer can look great on the surface, but not deliver when showtime arrives. With the advent of professional looking videos, autotune and special effects, acts can make themselves seem perfect. Perhaps even worse, they could be a great performer, but be completely unprofessional offstage. Working with our agency, can minimize the risk of this happening. When choosing artists to add to our portfolio there are many aspects we take into consideration. Quality of equipment, reliability, stage presence, professional attitude, time keeping and much more.
We spend time sourcing new performers, we attend showcases, organise audition nights and travel to venues to see how acts perform live, which means over the years we have acquired a large database of excellent varied acts and DJs. Not all performers are good at social media or advertising themselves. This is where we come in as we search out little gems of acts that may pass you by.

7.It is not always cheaper to book direct.
It is true that we charge entertainers a small commission on any work we provide, but remember we give those same acts lots of other gigs throughout the year, so there are often times when we can get the same or sometimes a better price through regular work and block bookings.