Geoff Stax soulman/Neil Diamond

Geoff Stax was vocalist and founder of the 11 peice Stax Atlantic Soul band “NIGHT TRAIN”.
for 5years appearing on TV on more than one occasion touring the UK and Spain.
“i discovered an uncanny resemblance to Neil Diamond when we were on tour and our M.D. prepsred
a superb soul version of Sweet Caroline that became our signiture tune” as a result Geoff accepted an offer to work as his doubleat the invitation of the Spanish Tourist Board and present a tribute show touring the Costas and Gibraltar at Hotels open air stadiums and the now famous Benidorm Palace for two seasons.
I have recently returned to the UK and continued with the very unique show that includes a very special satelite link up to Barbara Striesand in America in which they perform the duet “you dont bring me floweres”.
It is fair to say that the two types of music are so contrasting that some venues present the night as a double bill!!
This is a truly a unique show covering a wide spectrum of popular music that never fails to deliver a superb night of entertainment!


Members of golf clubs are traditional hard to please. However the members of Broadstone (Dorset ) Golf Club were “Thrilled” with Geoff’s Show at their 2014 New Years Eve Ball. Singing as ‘Neil Diamond ‘, Geoff performed to a ‘sold out’ audience and kept the members dancing all night.

With kind regards

Graham Event Organiser Broadstone Golf Club Dorset


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