Fake Bee Gees

Led by the falsetto voice of elder brother Barry Gibb, the Bee Gees are one of the most immensely talented and enduring legends of popular music, achieving 35 top ten singles, countless hit albums, and staggering record sales of over 150 million! Barry Gibb is the only songwriter in history to pen 4 consecutive numbers 1’s, and is the 3rd most successful songwriter ever, only surpassed by Lennon and McCartney! He is also the 2nd most successful producer in history, behind George Martin. The Bee Gees are amongst the top 5 best selling bands of all time. ‘Fake Bee Gees’ are an exciting 3-piece sound-alike and look-alike tribute to the 3 brothers Gibb, Barry, Robin and Maurice. The line-up is as follows; Mark Barrie as Barry Gibb, Gary Scott as Robin Gibb, Mark Scott as Maurice Gibb. Mark has been performing as Barry since 1997, travelling the world and taking part in several television appearances. In this capacity Mark has performed on ‘Watchdog’, ‘Battle Of The Fantasy Bands’ (both on BBC1), two documentaries, and in the year 2000, a winning performance as Barry Gibb on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’, taking him through to the grand finals, singing ‘Stayin’ Alive’. Both Gary and Mark (brothers, incidentally!) hail from Manchester, the Bee Gees childhood home, and are well respected musicians in their own right, performing at home and abroad in various bands and also as a vocal harmony duo. The band has managed to come a very long way in a relatively short amount of time. In the past 12 months, they have performed for all the major holiday companies, including Pontins, Butlins, Haven and Warners. Other clients include Chicago Rock Cafe, Swallow Hotels, Village Hotels, Premiership Football Clubs and major London hotels, etc. The 3 guys made a commitment to themselves and audiences alike to present the spirit of the Bee Gees in the most accurate way possible, both in terms of the visual element of the show and also through their interpretation of those classic, timeless songs. From the 1967 No.1 smash ‘Massachusetts’, through the multi-million selling hits from ‘Saturday Night Fever’, to the most recent chart toppers ‘You Win Again and ‘Alone’ … they’re all here faithfully reproduced and duly delivered. The show comes complete with stage-set, sound and lighting engineer, 5k top quality P.A Rig and lighting/FX to suit. This is sure to be a show to fulfil all tastes, individual needs and budgets, be it a theatre, corporate, club, private or other.

Covering all the Bee Gees Classics.

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