SpiRock rock guitar vocalist

He is a one man band, singing and playing awesome lead guitar to classical rock anthems (party music) and the latest stuff!

Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gary Moore, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Kings of Lion, Foofighters, Metalika are some artist of my repertoire.

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Music list

1) Ain‘t no love Whitesnake
2) All my loving Beatles
3) All your love Gary Moore
4) I can’t get enough Bad company
5) Black magic woman Santana
6) Evil ways Santana
7) Hysteria Def leopard
8) Empty rooms Gary Moore
9) Cocaine Eric Clapton
10) Wonderful to night Eric Clapton
11) Gimmy two steps Lynyrd Skynyrd
12) Free bird Lynyrd Skynyrd
13) Hold the line Totto
14) I want to love you. (12bar) Speiros
15) Money for nothing Dire straits
16) Purple rain Prince
17) Angels Robbie Williams
18) Sex on fire Kings of Leon
19) Summer of 69 Brian Adams
20) Tequila sunrise Eagles
21) Walking by my shelf Gary Moore
22) Sharp dress men ZZ top
23) Don’t believe a word Thin Lizzy.
24) Dacota Stereophonics
25) One U2
26) Bad love Eric Clapton
27) Rebel Yell Billy Idol
28) Use somebody Kings of lion
29) Somebody Brian Adams
30) Rosalie Thin Lizzy.
31) Carrie Europe
32) Wising well Free
33) Moon Child Rory Gallagher
34) Mustang Sally Joe Cooker
35) White Wedding Billy Idol
36) Rock you like a Hurricane Scorpions
37) Long Train Running Doobie Brothers
38) Born to be wild Steppenwolf
39) All right now Free

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