Monique Lady Ga Ga

Lady Gaga tribute act Monique is very proud of her latest Lady Gaga tribute act show; running since February 2010, The Lady Gaga tribute act and portrayal of LADY GAGA is not to be missed. The Lady Gaga tribute act show is known as: The LADY is GAGA! Lady Gaga tribute act Monique’s motto in the business has always been ” If you can’t do it 100% spot-on, don’t do it “.

After many years of specialising in her highly acclaimed Kylie Tribute , she has cracked Lady Gaga down to the tee. Vocals, Dramatics, everything you would expect from the Lady herself. The Lady Gaga tribute act show is extremely entertaining, and the costumes are as flamboyant as they come, even the acoustic piano bits are just what you’d expect from an act paying true Lady Gaga tribute act tribute to this World wide star.

Without a doubt the Lady Gaga tribute act show is what everyone is looking for! the LADY is GAGA is a fully self-contained show, up to 1 hour long and is available with or without dancers. Past History: Lady Gaga tribute act Monique Mitchell-Wood hails from Cape Town, South Africa and has been in the music industry for the past 12 years During that time she gained all her performing experience being a part of numerous live show bands, fulfilling contracts on the Mediterranean and Indian oceans for M.S.C. (Mediterranean Shipping Co.) as well as in the Middle East and Asia. In 2000 Lady Gaga tribute act Monique was signed to Universal Music SA as part of a sexy all girl band “NAUGHTY”. The band recorded an album which lead to various appearances and concerts, the largest being in Cape Town to an audience of 10,000 along side recording artiste, Shaggy. After leaving “NAUGHTY” Lady Gaga tribute act Monique has been performing a very successful Kylie Tribute.

Lady Gaga tribute act Monique has toured constantly with her Lady Gaga tribute act show which has taken her to various countries/destinations, namely: U.S.A., Australia, the Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the Gulf and of course, South Africa. Lady Gaga tribute act Monique has been based in the UK since 2005.



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