Jaydon Roberts-50’s & 60’s Vocalist

Jaydon started his career as an eleven year old impersonating Slim Whitman in a local working mens club. £12.50 for half an hours work was nearly as much as his dad earned in a week. As he grew up his attention turned to being famous so started doing auditions for Opportunity Knocks where he became quite good friends with Hughie Green, he managed to pass the auditions for the show and then they cancelled it because Hughie Green went back to Canada after a scandal with Jess Yates. At a very early age he found that he could impersonate singers and built his act around that idea doing singers like, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly  etc, all singers from that era that he loves.

Jaydon  moved to Blackpool twenty years ago doing three hotels a night and up to six and seven nights a week. During this time he compared for Jim Bowen, Mick Miller and Frank Carson.  The show Is rooted in the 50’s & 60’s & it seems like they wont die.

Roy Orbison’s Running scared, You got it, Pretty women
Johnny Cash, Ring of fire, Folsom prison blues
Billy Fury, like Iv’e never been gone, In thoughts of you, Halfway to paradise
Frank Ifield, I remember you, she taught me to yodel.
Gene Pitney, Princess in rags, Backstage. Buddy Holly, Rave on, That’ll be the day, It’s so easy.
Joe Brown, That’s what love will do, Picture of you, Sea of Heartbreak.
Bee Gee’s, Massachusetts, Saved by the bell
Ricky Nelson, Hello Mary Lou
Elvis, The wonder of you
The Bachelors, Diane, I wouldn’t trade you for the world.
Chris Rea, The road to hell
The Ventures, Instrumental, Walk don’t run.
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