The Spectacular Gluvets Variety Show

The Spectacular Gluvets Variety Show

The show is a puppet extravaganza presented by Lab Rat and featuring a selection of crazy characters including, Gerald the Dog, Lucy Monroe and the Welsh Singing Star Ivor Slap Head. The show is presented from a large booth style puppet theatre. It is ideally suited for birthday parties, shopping centre fun days or any event you can think of. The Gluvets appeal to both children and adults alike. They are unique in the way they are completely interactive with the audience.

The Puppet Party

The Puppet Party is fast paced comedy and music show featuring an array of crazy and colourful characters. It is presented by Lab Rat, a wise cracking rodent and his radio active assistant Nuke Vermin, together they put on a show featuring characters like Kizzy and Fizzy – the intergalactic alien brothers. Gozar the Troll, a seven foot tall furry green monster. You’ve also got the singing sensation Britney Cheese among many others. The show is perfect family viewing with enough mum and dad appeal to keep the audience laughing. This show is ideally suited to holiday parks and theatres and spends each season touring the country.

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